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Are YOU the Unbreakable WARRIOR?

Get Ready to Share Your Warrior Story in a New and Unique Way 


We are looking for Sickle Cell Warriors ages 30 and over who are willing to tell their stories of triumph over tragedy.  As a Warrior myself, my goal is to show the incredible and undeniable strength of fellow warriors by telling our untold stories.  We want the world to know the truth of the everyday Warrior; Warriors that have to continue through the struggle while maintaining a life outside of the hospital.  This project is for the Warriors that do not get days off.

If you're still interested, please fill out the survey listed

 Unbreakable Warrior Qualifications

Warriors must be at least 30 years of age and living with sickle cell.  All participants must be willing to share their healed scars, faces and stories for Art and Advocacy Sake. Must be located in or willing to travel to Dallas, TX.   Each person will be photographed in Artfully Avant’s Studio by Heather Avant. Must be willing to provide two forms of proof of sickle cell diagnosis.