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About Us

Heather Avant is owner and operator of Artfully Avant llc in Dallas, Texas. Heather is a from south eastern Michigan, where she went on to pursue her B.F.A in Photography at Eastern Michigan University.

She has always had a talent for storytelling and photography. With a bit of inspiration from her husband and a lot of nurturing from friends and family, Heather decided to venture out on her own as a Photographer, and Artist.  In 2016 Artfully Avant was built with a lot of hard work and grace. 

True to her calling as an artist, Heather is inspired daily by the world around her. From the subtle nuances of the evening sun dancing across the window curtains, to the dramatic and bold shadows greeting her on the floors in the waking light.  She tries her best to live in the moment and beauty of each day because it truly is a gift. 

Heather Avant Headshot

Jason Avant is a new and burgeoning photographer. He has always taken a liking to the creative arts of photography, and with a little push and inspiration from his wife he's taken a step towards building his own portfolio.  We are so excited to see him grow as a photographer and editor in the years to come. 

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